The pandemic, the planning, the chaos

There we were in March, at the beginning of the shut-downs due to the COVID-19 pandemic, happily and mindlessly planning our future life. I quit my teaching job of 20 years, bought plane tickets, rented a condo through a video chat, and started tearing apart my home of 29 years. Sure, the International airport in Belize was closed, the number of COVID cases were rising, but still we went ahead with our plans.

Find us at the end of the arrow
Most importantly, a pool and garden I do not have to maintain

As much as I talk about positive thinking and following your gut instinct, those are not always easy feats to accomplish. While Rick has always been 100% confident and positive, I have had many sleepless nights, fits of tears, and nervous energy.

Not to feel sorry for myself (maybe a little bit), but I will note that Rick is limited as to what he can do, so the purge of the house is left mostly up to me. As I sell furniture and decor, I add metal storage shelves along the walls of the rooms and fill them with offerings for our moving sale. It looks like some wacky thrift store in my house right now. I walk among piles of junk we have managed to collect throughout the years. We are frantically transferring video movies of our kids to a digital format, as well as scanning and saving albums and albums of pictures. The most difficult thing for me is to toss pictures. I keep a few, and for the rest I close my eyes and dump them. Each kid is going to get a small box of their items, and then it is up to them to toss or keep their memories. Transitioning to this next chapter for us requires downsizing to a major degree. We try to keep in mind that the object is not the memory. Those memories cannot be taken away. On a side note: it is amazing how many things I pull out of the closet that are tossed onto the “junk” pile. I cannot believe everything I have held on to that is just worthless!

Two boxes containing the largest of our items deemed essential. They are heading to Florida now to be shipped to San Pedro. They will arrive by the end of July, but will we !?

It is now June 3rd, and Belize announced their decision to NOT open to travel on the originally proposed July 1st date. Our plane tickets are for July 18th. We are still holding out hope. We are also resigned to the fact that we cannot change the world crisis, so we are trying our best to move forward in faith and confidence.

For my next entry, you will learn how to get dogs into another country. Along with 6 more suitcases and the 4 guitars your husband cannot live without!

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