Leisurely life and sea bean hunting

We live right in town, on a busy stretch on the beach front. The convenience and hustle and bustle are things we really enjoy, but like to get away from once in a while. Today was the day for a nice walk on a long stretch of deserted beach.

It is almost impossible to take a bad picture here

It was also sea bean hunting day! If you haven’t heard of sea beans, they are seeds that float throughout the Carribean from all over. I have read from as far as the Amazon. For some reason, it becomes addicting to search for and find these little gems. Rick is TERRIBLE at finding them, so I brought him with and we made it a competition. Well, I made it a competition!

Rick and his first-ever sea bean find
There is another one hiding in this picture

At this point of the walk, we were tied: 3-3. We also were not entirely focused on looking for sea beans.

Future goals !!!
I WIN !!!!!

We found some wildlife that also wanted to be left alone on a quiet beach.

This takes us to a little after lunch time. I smell some wonderful beach bar-b-ques starting up. Next will be the agonizing decision about where to eat.

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