4 Yin Yoga Postures for Relieving Holiday Stress

Happy Holidays, Dreamers! It’s that time of the year again, the holidays are officially upon us! Christmas time is full of holiday cheer, excitement, and time spent with family & friends to share in our holiday traditions.

For many of us,  the holidays also come with extra stress; between planning holiday events, buying presents for the kids and decorating the house. This is the time of year when many of us get wrapped up in giving so much to others,  that we tend to neglect ourselves.

With that being said, I am so excited to bring to you, Dreaming In Turquoise’s first guest post on the blog. We reached out to a local Yin-Sational Yogi, Terri Moleski, to provide you with some incredibly practical and effective stress busting postures that are simple to incorporate into your busy schedule during the holiday season. Enjoy all the goodness Terri has provided to us in her post below.

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“When the invitations start coming in, the to-do lists get longer, the Holiday Parties at work start being scheduled, usually the first thing people scratch off their lists is their down time.

It’s important to allow yourself substantial recovery time, this is why you need yoga more than ever. What’s better than a great opportunity to relax and allow your body to recover physically and your mind to recover mentally?

Keeping your Yin Yoga practice on your schedule takes the place of 2 things you need to function well: ”Me Time”, and exercise. Don’t let the holidays allow you to neglect your practice.Click To Tweet

If you can’t commit to your normal twice weekly practice, that’s’ ok. Here are a few poses to get you through the holidays:


Did you eat and drink too much at last nights cocktail party? Yin Yoga offers several postures that help cleanse, stimulate, aid, and encourage good digestive function. It’s best not to practice yoga right after a meal, but if you’re feeling any kind of bloating, gas, or indigestion a few hours after a meal or the morning after, Butterfly Pose can help improve digestion.

Butterfly Pose:  From a seated position, move the soles of your feet together. Inhale, sit up straight and on your exhale, fold forward until you reach a comfortable edge, finding a stretch through your inner groin and your spine.

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Staying Grounded:

We love our families, but sometimes we can get caught up in dramas and other things that don’t serve us. The holidays are a prime time for too much togetherness.

Child Pose: Begin by sitting on your heels and then slowly fold forward, bringing your chest to your thighs and your forehead to the mat.

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Frog Pose: Start in Child’s Pose and slide both hands forward, separate the knees, but remain sitting on the heels. Stay there or open your feet out to the side. yin yoga

Relieving Stress

It is believed that much of our emotional tension is held in the hips. This pose will gently release tension and may even help you let go of emotional stress in the physical process.

Pigeon Pose:  Start on your hands and knees. Step one leg all the way up to the top of the mat, placing your shin down onto the mat with your heel close to the opposite hip. Flex the foot of your front leg while relaxing the foot of your back leg.

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Do a mental body scan to make sure you aren’t holding any tension in your shoulders, neck, fingers, toes or forehead. Once you have achieved the Yin Yoga posture, your only job is to relax into it and allow time and breathing to take you deeper. Focus on breathing deeply, allowing relaxation of your hip muscles.

Hopefully, I’ve convinced you that now is not the time to take a break from your practice. Spend a few minutes each day to give yourself some much-needed relaxation.

You can always join us alternating Tuesdays and Fridays for Yin Yoga practice at Yin-Sational.



See you on the mat!


Thank you again to Terri from Yin-Sational for providing us with these Yin Yoga holiday stress relieving postures. If you want more self-care ideas, check out our recent post on 5 Naturally Based Products For a Healthier Life in 2017. 

XO Stephanie Dawn


  1. Karina Macko

    2017-11-29 at 3:36 pm

    Very good! I don’t know yet how to fit yoga in my life just yet though 💁🏻‍♀️ But it seems like the answer or so many things happening !

  2. Measha Vieth

    2017-11-29 at 11:04 pm

    Childs pose and Pigeon are my favorites! 🙂 Thanks for sharing how these can help me and others!

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