7 MUST know tips to protect your hair from the Sun!!

Hey Dreamers! Summer is not over yet, with the forecast continuing to stay up in the mid-high 20’s!!

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With that being said, I wanted to share 7 tips with you on how to protect your hair from the intense Summer UV rays. Just like the Sun’s UV rays are harmful to our skin with long-term exposure, these rays can also be harmful to our beautiful locks. What starts to happen is, the UV rays begins breaking down your hair’s cuticle leaving your tresses dry, frizzy and damaged. The Sun can also start to change the colour of your hair… and not always for the better. Boooo, who wants that?? Not me!

Thankfully there are ways to immediately start protecting your hair and help prevent sun damage.

Here are 7 tips to protect you hair this summer:

  1. Use products that contain the ingredient ‘Crodasorb’. This powerful ingredient is like sunscreen for your hair! It’s the summer’s best beauty secret as it acts as a UV absorber and prevents UVB damage. Not only will it preserve the natural pigmentation of your hair, it also maintains synthetic colour, meaning less $$ being spent on maintaining your colour. Crodasorb will protect both the cuticle and cortex of your hair strands, keeping them stronger and locking in moisture! My favourite hair care products containing Crodasorb, is the Volume or Hydration system by MONAT. I loved them SO much I became a Market Partner with them!!

    Monat products
    Some of my favourite products containing Crodasorb.

2. Avoid direct sun exposure during peak times of the day, when the sun is the hottest between 11-3pm. The stronger the UV index, the more likely your hair is to be damaged. Simple as that.

3. Consider wearing a hat. A cute hat is pretty much the hottest summer accessory. My hat of choice this year is by TenTree. I love the breathability of the mesh back and the beautiful image on the front. 

wear a hat
Choose your favourite stylish hat and make it your summer accessory.

4. Put your locks up in a loose up-do or braid, which helps to maintain moisture and decrease sun damage.

protect your hair, put it in a bun.
Rockin’ a messy bun, while strolling the 7-mile beach in Negril, Jamaica. 

5. Consider applying a leave-in conditioner, such as ‘Restore-Leave In Conditioner,  which will act as a barrier between the UV rays and your tresses. ** Pool side tip: Apply leave in conditioner, brush through with a wide-tooth comb to prevent breakage and throw up into a bun. This provides greater protection from the sun and chlorinated pools!

6. Cut back on your shampoo sessions during the Summer, which can strip necessary natural oils from your beautiful locks. Opt for dry shampoo instead. My favourite naturally based dry shampoo, is ‘The CHAMP‘.

7. Avoid using heat appliances on your hair during the Summer, rock your favorite au natural hairstyle such as “beach waves”…. I achieve my beachy waves all season long with the ‘Tousled Texture Spray‘. 

There you have it! My top tips to protect your hair this Summer and maintain your gorgeous, healthy locks going into Fall. 

What are your favourite hair styles or hair care tips for summer?

XO Stephanie Dawn

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