Stephanie, the dreamer behind this all.Stephanie Dawn is a down to earth city girl with a small town demeanour, who dreams BIG. Stephanie grew up in western Canada (and continues to reside), where her love for outdoor adventures, travel, wellness, entrepreneurship, helping others, and personal development flourished.

By day, Stephanie fulfills her passion for helping people working as an Occupational Therapist in a community setting. By night, Stephanie is a free-spirit who always is dreaming big, trying something new and coming up with her next adventure. Whether that adventure includes exploring, learning, creating, reflecting, connecting or a combination of these, she is a constant busy body, finding inspiration all around her.

Stephanie Dawn believes in living life OUT of our comfort zones and pushing our boundaries; as this is where the most rewarding experiences take place and help us grow!  In her down time (…which is rare), she enjoys reading, playing board games, catching up on her fav reality shows, spending time with her partner, Sean, trying new recipes and playing with her Old English Bulldogge, Ursula.

Stephanie Dawn is passionate about her new adventure in this foreign world of blogging. Her hope is to connect with like-minded individuals who are also striving to be the best versions of themselves through ongoing learning, personal development and amazing adventures. She is excited to share her experiences wth you through her lifestyle blog and hopes you find inspiration to help you live out the life of your dreams!

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