What is a “Book Club in a Bag”!?!

Now here comes the “golden nugget” to save you some dollar dollar bills! 

Did you know there is such thing as a “Book Club in a Bag?” Well, there sure is and not only is this a super convenient service, it saves all members of the book club approx. $15-$25 per month… Who doesn’t want more money for wine!?

This past March, I created a book club with a group of wonderful women. Initially, I started a Facebook group called “Books, Beves, and Babbles!”, where I put out the invite to women in my social circle to be apart of the club. We started off with approximately 6 women who were interested in signing up for hosting a book club night and we now have grown to 12, yippee!! 

If you never have been apart of a book club, they are a fantastic way to motivate yourself to read, but more than that they offer a wonderful opportunity to connect with other like-minded women. It is so nice to have a monthly gathering where we get to connect, share ideas, learn from one another and have some wine (check out my signature drink for book club here), oh and of course have FUN!

The other bonus of a book club is that its relatively inexpensive to participate in one, as you only purchase:

  • the book ($15-$25),
  • your choice of BYOBs (approx. $12),
  • and a few snacks as the monthly host ($20).

 Basically as a guest you are spending $25-$35 per month and as the host around $50. But as I mentioned with the “Book Club in a Bag” you are saving the cost of the monthly book! (Shout out to my cousin Sarah for initially sharing this genius money-saving tip with me!)

Book Club in a Bag
Here it is “Book Club in a Bag.”

“So I still don’t get what it is?”, you say. 

Essentially, a “Book Club in a Bag” is a program offered by most public libraries. The library will have a list of the offered titles within their program and they typically have the option for you to sign up online to reserve. From there, you pick up the “Book Club in a Bag” on your scheduled date and it has everything you need for that months book club (see picture below). 

10 copies of the book and the book club guide book are included in the bag.
10 copies of the book and a guide-book are included in the bag.

What’s the catch!? No catch really, you only are required to have a library card to take advantage of these awesome programs. Typically there is no fee, except if your library charges for their memberships; The Calgary Public Library offers a free membership. 

Other noteworthy details for obtaining “Book Club in a Bag” from The Calgary Public Library

  • Offer over 75 titles, ranging from the latest must read, fictions to memoirs. 
  • 6 week loaner period; they allow two bags to be signed out at once.
  • The bag contains 10 copies of the chosen title, sample reviews and sample questions (doesn’t get easier than that!!)
  • Chose the pick-up location most convenient for you.
*Tip: Be sure to reserve your preferred title online a MONTH or so in advance, as this is a popular program. 

And there you have it, a “Book Club in a Bag”.  Happy reading!! 

What book are YOU reading next? Please comment below. 

XO Stephanie Dawn

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