Larch Valley; the Fall hike, everyone MUST do!

Alright dreamers, if you want to kick off your Fall with a bang and get some dreamy Fall mountain views then the Larch Valley hike is for you!

Who else has noticed signs of Fall already?

Larch Valley is nestled in the Rocky Mountains, with its trail head located in the famous Moraine Lakes parking lot. More details on the hike location and tips below.

The famous canoe shot at Moraine Lake.

This post is all about providing you with some photo inspiration to get you planning your trip to the mountains to see Larch Valley first hand….because like most things in life, the pictures cannot quite do it justice.  And, you better start planning your trip soon because typically the turning of the magnificent larch trees does not last long.  Being that it is so warm this year, I feel the Larch trees may turn a little more slowly and last longer, but that is NOT guaranteed! 

trail head
The starting point of Larch Valley’s trail head.

For your viewing pleasure, prepare to get inspired!!

ascending trail
Catching a glimpse of Moraine Lake on the ascend.

fall time fall trees

Rocky Mountains
View of Sentinel Pass. If you’re up for the challenge, you can choose to hike up to the pass.
larch valley
Be present. Be yourself. Be free.
mountain views
Cheers! A well deserved “brewski” with a view.
larch valley
Soaking in the rays at our rest stop, the rock really sheltered us from the wind.

The down low on the hike:

  • Rated Moderate- Difficult, 12 Km return hike, approx. 720 m elevation gain.. 5-6 hours round trip.
  • Overflow parking and shuttle available, call ahead for updates 
  • Trail head in Moraine Lake’s main parking lot
  • Beautiful views of Valley of the Ten Peaks
  • Option to hike up to Sentinel Pass
  • Bring plenty of water, snacks (trail mix, cheese, crackers, etc.), shoes with good tread, a windbreaker, and a camera!
  • More info can be found here.

larch valley

Enjoy the beautiful views of Larch Valley and the stunning Fall colors!! 

butt grab
Yep, he hikes, touches my butt and buys me pizza. I’m one lucky girl.

What is your favourite Fall hike?

XO Stephanie Dawn

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