To learn is to acquire knowledge through study and/or experience. Life is all about learning. Learning about the world, humanity, ourselves; learning about our interests, learning from our mistakes. It allows us to continuously evolve, to become the best versions of ourselves to allow us to give our best to others. Learning is fluid, we are always learning and from that we are constantly growing, becoming more open-minded, more loving, more compassionate and kind.

I have always enjoyed learning, not entirely in an academic sense, but I feel very passionate about continuing to grow my knowledge and be a well- rounded individual. I attempt to do this through talking  to and mostly listening to people from all different walks of life, traveling, reading books, attending workshops, and trying something new (often, like really often). These activities humble me, provide me with inspiration and challenge me as a individual, pushing me out of my comfort zone and propelling me closer each time to the best version of myself.