The little “Fine Diner” that DID!!

Are you one of those people who always sticks to your “norm”, same restaurants, bars, vacation spots, driving routes OR are you someone who branches out and enjoys trying something new? 

I’m one of those people who finds discomfort in life’s mundane activities. I  personally would much rather branch out and try something new! I think the rush of it all is what I am addicted to. And most of the time, I find that my branching out provides me with more rewarding experiences and is when I learn the most. 

This week, I was working in Calgary’s up and coming “trendy” area of Inglewood. I had a few clients to see in the area and in between them I had a break. Since I wasn’t prepared on this beautiful Monday with my lunch, I thought what a brilliant opportunity to stop somewhere for a nice meal. I contemplated going to the familiar spots (because yes, I get what can be appealing about knowing what to expect from the familiar..) such as Without Papers, Salt N Peppa, or Rosso; but as I was driving through I found a hidden gem, a place I hadn’t took notice of before. It is called “The Fine Diner- Bistro.”

The fine diner
“Elevated Comfort Food” with a heart for community.

The Fine Diner serves breakfast, lunch and dinner in a quaint modern-day diner. With rich wood floors and tables, it has a cozy and relaxing feel, helpful and friendly staff and retro throwback tunes such as “My girl” by the Temptations playing in the background. 

Initially, when I sat down at my booth and looked at the menu I was taken back by the price tags…

I wondered if I had made a wrong choice on my “casual” lunch choice. But then, my server came over to introduce herself and when I had mentioned it was my first time at The Fine Diner, she was quick to inform me of the way it worked there. It truly is quite a unique concept. She proudly explained that all menu items already included taxes AND gratuity (which allows for a sustainable liveable income for the servers), and that any additional tips would be donated to one of their local not-for-profit organizations, such as, Impact Society, One Body Village, Mealshare, or Leftovers. I was immediately impressed and eager to order my meal. Who doesn’t want to eat yummy comfort food and have the opportunity to help out those less fortunate in their community?

chef behind it all
Some of the not-for-profit organizations.

The menu consists of classic breakfast menu items, such as bacon, eggs, and toast; as well as some unique options, maple duck benedict and pulled pork hash; all made from locally-sourced ingredients. The Fine Diner also features Rosso‘s brews AND Fiasco Gelato is coming soon. After much contemplation,  I ended up deciding on the banana bread french toast. My portion was massive and absolutely delectable, with the banana bread slices doused in maple syrup and whipped cream, topped with berries and a caramelized banana. 

Banana Bread French Toast
Banana Bread French Toast, so delish!!

Once again, my decision to branch out and try something new proved to be a good one.  I not only had a delicious meal, but I found a spot that is making a difference in their community one plate at a time.

XO Stephanie Dawn



  1. Steph @ The Pink Backpack

    2017-08-05 at 9:19 am

    This is so interesting, I haven’t heard of a place that lists prices inclusive like that! Maybe I will have to try when I come out soon 🙂

    1. Stephanie Dawn Forseth

      2017-08-07 at 9:58 pm

      Right?! It was a new concept to me too Steph. Yes, I would recommend you do!!

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