Why you need to create your ULTIMATE bucket list!

How many of you have a bucket list? You know, like an ongoing list of what you want to do in your life before you “kick the bucket”, or rather before a certain season or year ends, or you turn a certain age.

Chances are the majority of you have a “bucket list” in one form or another, whether that be in your head, on the back of a crumbled up receipt, in your phone or a journal.

Personally, I am the QUEEN of lists. I love making a list and being able to dump all my to-dos and goals on paper, then feel that immense satisfaction of checking it off! It’s the simple things in life, right?! With that being said, of course I have a bucket list and a growing one at that… 

Listography book
One of my favourite ways to document my  lists. Listography’s original and travel editions!

If you don’t have a bucket list started, what are you waiting for!?! Get dreaming, get excited and start making that list!!!

I encourage you right now to grab a pen or your phone and write down FIVE things you would love to experience before a certain time in your life ends. Let this be a start (or maybe an addition) to your bucket list!

Did you know when you write down your ideas and goals your dreams are significantly more likely to come to fruition?

bucket list
Create your ULTIMATE bucket list! The key is in physically writing it down.

Here are my 5…. I can think of WAY more, but here is a sneak peek:

  1. Become PADI certified
  2. Explore the beaches of Thailand 
  3. Learn Spanish 
  4. Have a family 
  5. Road trip across Canada … Did you guys know Canada has officially completed the longest trail system in the World!?! Check it out, here.

Now doesn’t that get your juices flowing and get you feeling a bit of excitement, and hopefully mixed with a bit of fear too!

If your not feeling a bit fearful about the things you want out of life then let me tell you something, you need to dream BIGGER!! Click To Tweet
Your dreams and goals should scare you! Remember, its all about pushing our comfort zones, this is where we learn, grow and experience the greatest rewards. 

Now, it’s all fine and dandy to have your bucket list, this is a great start.. but now, how do you make your bucket list items become a reality!?

listography work book
Dream, document, prioritize, & take ACTION. 

You can start by prioritizing a few items that are most important to you, … (this is about YOU and YOUR dreams… it does NOT have to look anything close to anyone else), write down how each one of your bucket list items will make you feel when they happen, then get busy taking ACTION! And most importantly…. 

Enjoy the process of dreaming, planning, and experiencing your bucket list items because most of the time it is the process that makes the end outcome all worth while. 

What’s the top item on your bucket list? Please share below 🙂

XO Stephanie Dawn


  1. Jennifer

    2017-09-03 at 4:44 pm

    I love to read, and hope to read more soon. Any recommendations?
    BTW, nomintate this blog for the Liebster Award. https://hopeartistry.com/blog/
    I think more people need to be aware of your site. Great info!

    1. Stephanie Dawn Forseth

      2017-09-04 at 6:52 pm

      Hi Jennifer!
      That’s fantastic your gearing up to read more 🙂 What genre are you usually into?
      A few suggestions of my recent reads are:
      1) The subtle art of not giving a F*^k! -Mark Manson … a really blunt and comical self-help book.
      2) Into The Water – Paula Hawkins.. a well paced mystery.

      Awe, thank you for your support and kind words! That means so so much. Xox

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