An outdoor movie, with a GIANT twist!?

Yep, you read that right. I’m sure many of us have heard of outdoor movies. They are usually hosted in parks with an inflatable movie screen and you bring your blankets and lawn chairs to watch the featured film.  Well, this past weekend there was an outdoor movie but with a twist! 

We were in Sylvan Lake this weekend, camping with family at Jarvis Bay Provincial Park. While at lunch at the Viva La Sirena (check out my review of this lakeshore establishment here), our server let us know about the “Sunday night movie on the lake”. She was stoked on the idea of spending time with friends on the lake while watching a classic, JAWS! So what did we do….

We traded in our lawn chairs for “floaties” and headed to find a spot on the water. 

The movie screen was setup west of Sylvan’s Farmer’s Market, just north of the public paid parking lot (payment required between 8 am to 9 pm). We arrived about 8:45pm (the movie was scheduled to start around 9:15pm)to a jam-packed parking lot with food trucks and people heading over to grab a spot on the water. I highly recommend arriving early to guarantee you get a parking spot. 

After blowing up our floaties, we headed over to the water, to scope out the scene. People were set up on the water, floating on their unicorns, flamingos, paddle boards, canoes, party rafts, and motorized boats… to name a few. It occurred to me in that moment, “that is a LOT of shark bait!!” There was such irony in us all being IN the water while we were about to be watching JAWS….but thankfully for us the lake was sans sharks!!

The floaters awaiting the featured movie, JAWS!
The floaters getting their “floating room” for the featured film.

The outdoor movie screen is two-sided allowing for viewing from the east and west side of the lake. We opted for the west side (with the most people to get closer to the screen. If your thinking the water viewing area isn’t for you, feel free to bring a lawn chair and grab a spot near the screen on shore. 

Screen view from the water!
Screen view from the water!

The movie started a bit later than anticipated, approximately 9:40pm. Overall, we really enjoyed our first outdoor movie lake experience!! It was a fun twist to the classic outdoor movie and we enjoyed the atmosphere of it all. We also took in quite a few tips from watching our fellow “veteran” movie floaters.

6 things you NEED to bring for an epic outdoor movie experience on the lake!

  1. Bring a RELIABLE floaty; preferably one with an enclosed bottom so you can stay dry! … we saw so many people having to re-inflate their floaties while on the lake.. no fun for anyone lol.  Also, bring a paddle to help steer you if you don’t want to get wet. 
  2. Wear or bring a hoodie/blanket. People who had them looked way to comfy!! Some people wore a wet suit, also a great idea if you have one!! 
  3. Pack your fav snacks and beverages! Popcorn on the lake is the way to top off the experience.
  4. Consider bringing a “dry” bag! You can put anything in here that you want to keep dry. 
  5. Waterproof case for your phone, because if this is your first time doing this you will want to take a photo or two!! 
  6. Your favourite floating buddies!!    
    My floating buddy!
    Floating buddy!

    outdoor movie on the lake
    JAWS viewing from ON the lake.

What are your thoughts on this outdoor movie with a twist?! Drop your thoughts in the comments below.

If you are wanting to check out an outdoor movie on the lake this summer, you’re in luck! Sylvan is hosting two more featured films; Smurfs 2 and Moana, August 13th and 20th. For more information click here. 

XO Stephanie Dawn

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