Viva La Sirena; Tapas & Sangria!

Viva La Sirena
Viva La Sirena
Sangria and Tapas
You had me at Tapas & Sangria.


One of my favourite things about the summer is being able to sit on a patio, have a beverage, and soak in the rays.

During our weekend away in Sylvan Lake, Sean, Ursula and I stopped in at a restaurant at the west end of Lakeshore Drive. The first thing I noted was the “Tapas and Sangria” sign on the exterior of Viva La Sirena. I decided to ask the server if they would allow Ursula to be on the outer side of the patio. And, they said YES! I was thrilled because not many patios will allow our fur baby to even be close to their patios.

Dreaming In Turquoise with this mermaid.
Dreaming In Turquoise with this mermaid.

Viva La Sirena, translates to “Long Live the Mermaid”; it has a laid back patio vibe  with a beautiful mural and a lake view.  

Viva La Sirena opened in Summer 2016 and offers a wide variety of tapas and sangria. Spanish music such as Despacito, plays in the background adding to the ambience of the patio. Tapas are a type of Spanish cuisine, that can be served hot or cold and are meant to be shared amongst one another. I love tapas as they allow you to try a variety of foods and they offer a fun, connecting mealtime experience.

Complimentary appetizer
Complimentary appetizer.

Sean and I opted for the steak bites, broccolini with cheese, and the Toopie prawns, which our server informed us was named after a customer of theirs, who loves prawns!! The food was fresh and delicious, we really enjoyed all three dishes with our favourite being the prawns and broccolini. The prices were fair for the quality of the dishes, at a $$$ price tag. 

Toopie Prawns
The delicious “Toopie” prawns.
Steak bites
Steak bites and pickled peppers.
Broccolini and cheese
Broccolini and cheese.

We were really impressed with our server who was informative and provided great customer service, she even brought a dish of water for Ursula and gave us great information on events happening around Sylvan, such as the lake viewing of JAWS! Read more about our lake movie experience here

Patio pooch
Ms. Ursula loving the patio life.

In contrast to the laid back vibe of their patio, Viva La Sirena’s inside dining area is posh and upscale while continuing to maintain the mermaid theme with a Spanish flair. The booths areas are sectioned with elegant white drapes and rich red velvet accent chairs, with chandeliers and Spanish murals overhead. Whether you’re looking for a casual afternoon lunch on the patio or an elegant dining experience, Viva La Sirena seems to have the best of both worlds. 

Interior booth view.
Interior booth view.

Do you prefer red or white sangria? Let me know in the comments below. 

XO Stephanie Dawn


  1. Sean Cooper

    2017-08-09 at 6:52 pm

    Amazing info on some great things to do and see

    1. Stephanie Dawn Forseth

      2017-08-09 at 7:22 pm

      Thank you, Sean! I am glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Nena Forseth

    2017-08-10 at 12:36 pm

    Great Spotlight … Will have to check it out next trip to Sylvan.
    Thanks for Sharing Stephanie Dawn <3

    1. Stephanie Dawn Forseth

      2017-08-10 at 1:11 pm

      Thank you, Nena! I’m glad you enjoyed it. Yes for sure, check it out 🙂

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