What is Dreaming In Turquoise?

Welcome to all the dreamer’s out there!!

Let’s take a moment to chat about where this whole blogging journey began and how ‘Dreaming In Turquoise‘ came to be. I have always been someone who has “her head in the clouds”, thinking up my next adventure and imagining how the next 5-10 years will look. It’s common for me to vocalize many of my dreams on a drop of a dime to close friends, family or my partner, Sean. They are all so supportive and positive, but every once in a while I can see a twinge of “here she goes again” in their eyes… haha.

Many people who are more “realistic” than myself sometimes view my impulsively spoken dreams as lofty. Although, many of my dreams that I have put out into the universe have come true! Now, I realize that I had to take ACTION to make these dreams a reality but that’s how it works doesn’t… being a dreamer doesn’t mean you have unrealistic and lofty expectations, that you believe you will merely “think” something and it will come true. Not in my eyes! Being a dreamer, to me means you do NOT put constraints on your thoughts and ideas because it isn’t easily in reach; a dreamer allows themselves to think BIG and to put our dreams into the universe, then take CONSISTENT action to make them reality.

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snowmobiling, mountain tops.
Dreaming In Turquoise,  while on top of the world in Golden,  British Columbia, Canada.  

For example, this blogging venture of mine came about a few months ago when I was watching a video of an online entrepreneur who was talking about how she started a blog to grow her audience and provide value to people, to truly make a difference in people’s lives. I was inspired by the idea of blogging to connect with others and thought to myself how neat it would be to start a  lifestyle blog. I love to express myself through writing, even though I haven’t done much of it. From that planted seed,  my inspiration grew into the idea of targeting like-minded individuals, who are dreamers and who value exploring, reflecting, learning, creating and connecting to grow into the best version’s of themselves. 

negril's cliffs
Dreaming In Turquoise, at the cliff’s of Negril.

The thing about me is, once I decide on something I always follow through!

Initially, back in June 2017 I put my blogging dream on the back burner to let the idea “marinate”. The other week something came to me and I just knew I needed to decide on a name for this so-called “lifestyle blog” I was dreaming up. I immediately reached out to a few close friends and told them I was starting a blog and I wanted to know “how they viewed me”, including my strengths, my best qualities, and topics/activities that represent me. It is so neat to hear from an outside perspective how you are viewed by others close to you. I highly recommend you do this! It provides an opportunity for greater insight into yourself and helped me in developing my brand for this lifestyle blog. And let’s be honest, it was a nice self-esteem boost too! 

I muddled for days over what name would represent my lifestyle blog best. I bounced ideas back and forth with Sean (after a day he started to respond, “sure, sounds good”..lol) and a few others. I was trying to find something that represented me but that others could relate to as well. My initial thought of “Stephanie Dawn” was already taken, so then many names containing a variation of “ginger” were thrown around. I laid off the brainstorming for a day and then sitting on the couch one night, unwinding from the day, I said “Dreaming in Turquoise” aloud. And that was that! I knew it was exactly the direction I wanted to go in. 

snorkel, fish, jamaica
Dreaming In Turquoise, while snorkelling in Negril, Jamaica.

What does turquoise represent?

You already know I consider myself a dreamer, and you may or may not know that I LOVE pretty much anything turquoise. I recently learned that turquoise represents open communication and clarity of thought. It opens up the lines of communication between ones heart and expressive speech. Turquoise represents friendliness and is a happy color symbolizing enjoying one’s life. Calmness and peace are related to it as it has a strong connection to the color of the ocean. Lastly, turquoise can provide emotional balance, creativity, and introspection in the right quantities. Pretty awesome, right?!  After my google search of it’s meaning, I was certain the universe had brought me the perfect name that would provide the foundation to this lifestyle blog, “Dreaming in Turquoise“. I welcome you all on this journey with me and I hope you continue to keep on dreaming. 

XO Stephanie Dawn


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