What’s this “FabFitFun” box all about?

I am so excited to be writing this post about the “FabFitFun” box!!  I’m sure many of you are wondering what all the hype is about? I was too.. well I just received the Fall edition of the box this month, & WOW. I’ve had a chance to try out the products and I am impressed to say the least. In this post, I am going to share with you about the box, help you decide if it’s for you, AND give you a peek inside the contents of the Fall box. So here we go…..

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What is a FabFitFun box?

It’s a seasonal box which is shipped to your door with a bunch of amazing FULL SIZE products and items for you. When you sign up for a box, you are able to “customize” your profile – this is a very thorough process that asks you everything from your skin tone to clothing size to preferences of skin/hair care to makeup. It’s pretty neat!

Amazing goodies in this box, I’m hooked!

There are a few subscription options; you can choose to go season by season (where you are charged once every 4 months) or you can pay for a year membership up front and save $$ as well as this allows you to choose your ‘choice items’ first… basically you get 2 items to choose from (adds some more personalization to your box).  E.g.- For my Fall box I got to choose between a belt or a toque … and hair apple cider wash or charcoal whitening powder (WHICH I LOVE!!!)… Another thing I really like is: you can cancel your subscription at any time, penalty free! 

Is the box for you? 

Well, lets be honest like anything else in life, it’s not going to be for everyone.. BUT… if you answer ‘YES” to most of these questions, it just may be for you:

  • Do you love beauty, fashion and/or fitness?
  • Do you enjoy trying new products? … get out of your comfort zone if you answered ‘no’ to this 😉
  • Do you usually take care of yourself last?
  • Do you like getting fun surprises in the mail?… it seriously feels like your birthday! 
  • Do you prefer to use naturally based and ethically made products? 
  • Final question… Do you like to get more for less $!? 

So… you guessed it, I answered YES to all the above questions & decided to try it out. 

Decided its for you too. Use code ‘FALLINLOVE’ to get $10 off your first FabFitFun box, here. #fabfitfunpartner

What was in the Fall box?

  1. Mer Sea Scarf – This is the softest scarf ever!! It’s so big and cozy, perfect for Fall. I love wearing this with so many of my Fall outfits. P.s.-The retail price is $80 *USD… the box has more than paid for its self, I am very pleased. Shhh!

    TJD Beanie, Jook & Nona Necklace, and treStique Lip Crayon.
  2. Whish Mud Mask- This renewing mask is paraben, Phthalate, DEA/TEA, petrochemical & sulfate free. It smells amazing and leaves your skin smooth as a baby’s bottom. *Tip- follow the instructions for duration to leave on skin, less is more. 

    Whish Mud Mask
  3. treStique Matte Color & Shiny Balm Lip Crayon (Tuscan Wine) – This is a fierce color for Fall and I am in love with the balm for daily use, which gives you a subtle sheen with a tint of colour. For a dramatic evening look, use the crayon. 

    Rocking Tuscan Wine Lip Crayon as “Ginger Spice” for a tribute concert.
  4. Molr C+C Whitening Factory – This is one of my favourite products in the box & the BEST charcoal that I have found. It comes with a turquoise tooth-brush (which of course I love), it has super soft bristles and is great to use with the charcoal powder. I really like how this is a powder and not a ‘paste’, there is ZERO taste & my teeth are looking sparkly! HIGHLY recommended. 

    white teeth
    My favourite charcoal product!
  5. Private Party Gym Bag – With a clever saying like “Meet me at the Barre”, I couldn’t wait to show this off at my next Barre sesh at Oranj Fitness. 
  6. Coxet Wire Heart Jewelry Holder A cute rose gold jewelry holder, with a ceramic base. It has come in handy for my earrings and rings.

    jewel holder
    MM Coxet Wire Heart Ceramic Jewelry Holder.
  7. DECO Cuticle Oil- Lavender scented cuticle oil which is vegan & cruelty free. Dries well and doesn’t leave a greasy layer! 

    Lip crayon, cuticle oil, mud mask & shadow palette.
  8. Real Her II “Do your squats” palette -A fabulous shadow palette with great neutrals and fall shades such as gold, burgundy and brown tones which work well for day and night. 
  9. My Tagalongs Gel Pack- This is a cute hot/cold pack to ease all your aches and pains. Small and portable, branded with clever sayings like “You give me fever; Cold Hearted Snake”. It’s a fun self-care tagalong.
  10. Jook and Nona 18K gold-plated necklace- With sayings like happy.dream.love.inspire, I can’t help but think this was made specifically for moi! 

    dream necklace
    Dreaming In Turquoise approved <3 Are you a dreamer? Find out here
  11. TJD Beanie (Black) – This is lightweight slouchy knit beanie. A  great accessory to amp up your Fall wardrobe. 

 The price: you pay $49.99 *USD (or less with the yearly subscription) for $300 worth of amazing products!!! If this is for you, feel free to use the code ‘FALLINLOVE’ to get $10 off your first box today.

I am totally in love with the items in the Fall FabFitFun box, so much so, that I am already looking forward to the winter one. An FYI- the Fall boxes are all sold out, but don’t worry you can still get the Editor’s box right now, containing many favourite products/items from previous boxes. Enjoy!! 

What product would you love out of the Fall box?

XO Stephanie Dawn

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